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Traveling With Friends Should Be as Easy as Swiping

We’ve been traveling a lot around the world and one issue comes up again and again: getting your friends on the same page is tough! We’ve created Google Docs, email chains, Whatsapp groups – you name it. This stuff is all so complicated but we believe that traveling with friends should be as easy as swiping.

A Familiar Situation

Traveling with friends is hard on whatsapp

Coordinating with a Whatsapp group can leave some feeling overwhelmed

Imagine you’re struck by that burning desire to travel. You need to go to Japan. But traveling with friends isn’t so simple sometimes. You start up a Whatsapp group. Let’s go to Japan!! Everybody’s in. So you start to tell all your ideas, typing and typing, as fast as they come out. But then… silence. What? But everyone wanted to go.

Fast forward a few weeks. You’re ready to book. Again, you take to Whatsapp and tell everyone you’ve found a great deal and you need their urgent approval. Again, nothing. You don’t get it. Don’t they want to go to Japan? They all thought it was a cool idea when you announced it.

Planners and Joiners

The problem is that there are planners and there are joiners. Planners are like you, very invested into making sure the trip happens. They do all the research and write down all the ideas. Joiners love to travel but they don’t like to plan. They like to give some ideas and they want to be consulted but they mostly just want to show up.

The thing is, when you’re traveling with friends, planners and joiners need each other! The trick is not overwhelming the joiners. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a better way?

There is a better way

We’ve been working on a way to balance these two groups.

Swipe right to travel with friends

Swipe right to agree. Swipe left to say no.

We have a simple itinerary for planners to add their input, which are sent to joiners in easy to digest stacks. Simply swipe right for the travel ideas you are interested in. We’ve tried it and it works great. We’re all walking around with our mobiles these days, so even if you’re busy at work, you can take 3 seconds to swipe a few travel plans. This gives the planners quick feedback, while allowing joiners to have a say.

Traveling with friends doesn’t have to be hard. If you want to make it easy, create your trip now on Travel to Live.

what3words support added in latest update!

Maybe you’ve noticed the site has been running a little smoother in the last couple days. Our latest patch brings a bunch of bug and performance fixes to Travel to Live. We’ve also added what3words integration!

what3words breaks up the world into 3m x 3m squares

what3words is a global addressing system, which has assigned 3m x 3m squares to the whole world. Each of these unique squares has 3 words assigned to them, giving a unique set of words for any place on the planet. We thought this was cool, especially in countries where addresses are confusing or absent (ever try to find your way around Tokyo?), so we hooked up the API to our site.

what3words is now available for every map point in Travel to Live

Every point on the map has a what3words address now on the info page, so when you’re on your trip, you’ll also know a unique and easy-to-remember identifier for every place you plan to visit. We’ll be at hood.curtail.stunts next week for ITB Berlin, where we also hope to attend an interesting talk by what3words. Find out more about what they’re up to on their website.

Are you already using what3words? Do you think you’ll give it a try now? What other services would you like to see connected to our site? Let us know what you think in the comments below. In case you missed it, don’t forget to checked out our featured blogger, Globetrotter Post!

New welcome page

We’ve just done a major overhaul of the in the latest update. The design of the new welcome page is now much cleaner and more professional. One piece of feedback we received is that people want more information about the site before they dive in; we’ve taken that into account when creating the new design. You’ll also find a new demo, which explains some basic concepts of the site. New also in this update is the display of featured trips. Featured trips showcase some interesting and informative trips from the community. If you’ve created a cool trip and would like it featured, send us a mail and let us know about it!

There are many smaller fixes in this update, including some important bug fixes with data loading, mobile display problems, and some browser specific issues. Keep the feedback coming and don’t forget to follow us on social media!

Introducing the new developers blog!

We thought it was about time to start a developers blog, so we can share our future ideas with you guys. Maybe we’ll also post about our travels or some interesting travel tips – who knows! At least, you can watch this spot to find about the latest updates to Travel to Live.

We’d also love to hear your feedback here. Comments, suggestions, questions – just write them all in the comments section below.

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