We’re starting a new feature here at Travel to Live, where we highlight bloggers from the community. Travel to Live can help you promote your blog by adding it to your user profile. Don’t forget that bloggers can also add a trip widget to their travel blog. Today, we’d like to give a shout out to Globetrotter Post, an early adopter of our new promotion feature. By filling out their user profile, Globetrotter Post and other bloggers can gain exposure via our site, as well as plan and share their own trips.

We selected Globetrotter Post because we think they’ve got an interesting blog. Whether you’re looking for the best beaches of 2017, ideas about sustainable tourism startups or information about exercise while traveling, Globetrotter Post has you covered for all the latest interesting travel news. Their blog is also frequently updated and interesting. Have you ever had a trip where it seemed everything just went wrong? Read How I kept my cool when everything went wrong while travelling.

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Thanks to Globetrotter Post for being our first featured blogger. We look forward to many more!