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Six Tips to Travel With Friends

We love to travel with friends as much as we can but you start to see the same problems come up again and again. Travel shouldn’t be a reason to fight with your best buddies. Follow these tips to make sure you don’t spoil your trip with avoidable mistakes!

6. You travel with friends, not your phone

Travel with friends, not phones!

Don’t spend all your time on the phone. When you’re sitting for a drink, talk with your fellow travelers. Fill in you other friends when you get back home!

Before smartphones became a thing, there was that guy who had to check in with his girlfriend (or mom) by phone constantly. Sorry guys, I can’t go out tonight. I need to call my girlfriend. Now with modern technology, everybody can be that guy all the time. It’s not cool to be texting your friends back home while your friends in Paris are trying to enjoy a coffee together. Get out there and enjoy the day to its fullest. Your friends, family, and significant others will be waiting for you when you get home.

5. Figure out where to eat before you get hangry

Travel with friends can make you hangry

You wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry.

When you get hungry enough, the group will stop being a group of friends and start to resemble a tribe of prehistoric humans. No one will be willing to accommodate the other and tempers will run hot. When you reach this point, it’s too late. There’s no good advice to escape this situation! That’s why you’ve got to avoid it. Think ahead a little about where you’d like to eat or pack a snack in your bag if you know you’re the type to get angry when you get hungry. If you’re not that guy, you might consider taking charge of the food hunt before the hunters turn on you!

4. Be flexible for things that don’t matter

Beach yoga is a fun activity when you travel with friends

Flexibility is important for the body but also for friendship!

It’s easy to get caught up wanting to that thing you really want to do. Be flexible and do things you don’t really care one way or the other about. Agree quickly to win the appreciation of your friends, so that when it comes time to do the thing you really want to do, your friends feel you’re due and don’t question it. If you went to Rome to see the Colosseum, maybe it’s not so important which restaurant you have dinner at. The Colosseum might seem an obvious choice but it costs money to get in – some friends might not care enough to go! If you supported their ideas, they’re more likely to support yours.

3. Get on the same page

Make sure you are on the same page when you travel with friends

Talk with your friends about what they like to do.

Sometimes people have totally different styles of travel. My sister likes to drive from attraction to attraction, always following the guidebook. I prefer to randomly explore the city on foot. Both are valid ways to travel but it’s important to know what types of things your travel buddies have in mind. Travel to Live is a good tool for this because it lets everybody give their suggestions; the group just swipes left or swipes right to discover the things everybody wants to do.

2. You can go your own way

You can go your own way when you travel with friends.

There is no one right way.

It took us a lot of trips together to discover the golden rule of group travel: you don’t need to do everything together. We always thought consensus was important, so we tried to find whatever worked for everybody. The problem is, you end up having a trip that looks a little like a political election. You choose the least bad option. Why choose the least bad thing when you can split into two groups and each do the best thing?

It works in any size of group, whether you’re 2 or 10. And it covers so many of the other problems. Can’t agree on food? Eat at different places this evening. Don’t want to go out to the club? Let your friends dance without you while you check out that museum. We seem to think splitting up means failure or that it shows we aren’t good friends but, believe me, you’ll all be happier in the end – and you’ll have interesting stories to tell each other before getting some sleep. When needed, spending time apart will bring you closer together.

1. Don’t make one friend do everything

Travel with friends means planning with friends

Just because your friend plans everything doesn’t mean he LIKES to plan everything!

I’ve recommended that you be flexible and willing to split up rather than fall apart but sometimes a little planning goes a long way in avoiding that scenario. If you travel with friends but don’t feel like there’s much to do in the planning department, it’s probably because you’re not the planner! Look, I get it, planning can be boring. For people who like to go with the flow, it can seem totally unnecessary. But you should at least be on the same page. Try Travel to Live to plan your trip: it’s as easy as swiping left or right to figure out what you want to do. You can suggest your own ideas very easily, which helps break up the work. It’s the least you can do to help that friend who makes your trips possible!

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  1. The point about making sure not to be hangry speaks to me on too personal of a level

  2. Holy crap – these are ALL great tips! I recently was on a small group trip to a part of the world none of us had been to before. Hangry is TOTALLY a thing when traveling – especially with those long days when you all just a hostel breakfast or so. Over the course of the day, you spend just a little too much time walking around without stopping, and then you can’t decide where to go… so everyone is a little on edge…or a lot!

    Being flexible is so important. If things don’t go the way you planned, oh well. Things change. You really, really have to understand others might a different travel style than you. Just be positive about it. Let people know it’s totally okay and that you’re happy doing what you want, while they can do what they want (another tip of yours!).

    Thanks for writing it up, it was definitely worth sharing!!

    • It took us too long to learn that you can split up while traveling. It’s really one of the most important things possible to know when you are with friends!

  3. I like the part of don’t make one friend do all. I tend to be that person that I now end up not going out with some of them. It stress me out at the end.

  4. I’m like a mom when I travel with friends – I always have tonnes of snacks handy to keep the Hulk at bay! These are great tips 🙂

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