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Month: February 2017

Travel Technology Europe 2017 Report

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you’ll know we were at Travel Technology Europe in London last week! It was a great opportunity to see the latest trends in travel and travel technology. Of course, we also got a chance to field test the site, using it as a real traveller would.

Our trip wasn’t the most complex, as you can see. It was almost a surgical strike: fly into one side of London, sweep through TTE, eat some chips, and fly out of Heathrow. But we learned a lot at the show about the state of the industry and what is of interest to companies in the future. AI and VR were major topics, of course. These technologies have the potential to change our lives and travel is no exception. Many companies are looking at how exactly they can take advantage of these technologies to get ahead of the curve and meet the difficult expectations of travellers.

The continuing rise of mobile is another big and ongoing topic. Though the statistics seem to differ by source, around 1/3 of bookings are done on our phones. It makes sense: who among us can stand one minute without their phone? Phones are probably the greatest travel innovation since the airplane. Being able to have a map and translator in the palm of your hand is invaluable. Now with Travel to Live, you can have your travel plans too! It really puts the pressure on to launch our mobile version. Stay tuned.

Personalization was also a central topic at TTE. Especially in the age of the millennial, travel companies are trying to figure out how to serve us exactly what we want, when we want it. We think this is a major strength of Travel to Live, because our site exists specifically to allow travellers to dream, create, plan, share, collaborate, and remember. In the future, we’ll be adding features that help you find all kinds of trip ideas you might be interested in, created by travellers just like you.

Not all work at Travel Technology Europe

But although our schedule was packed with talks and meetings, we managed to fit in some time for fun and food, even though there was a tube strike on the first day!

A person covered in flowers makes their appearance at Travel Technology Europe

It’s not all business at TTE but we have no idea what was going on here.

Breakfast in London

No day in London can begin without a proper breakfast… sorry, no beans or tomatoes for me!

Sadly, it was only two days of travel before we had to get back to the office and back to work. Thankfully, it was only a hop across the channel to get back to Germany! We’re looking forward to our next trip, when Travel to Live hits Berlin for ITB Berlin! If you’ll be attending and want to meet up, let us know in the comments, check out my ITB Networking profile, or shoot me a mail!

Collaborate on trips with your friends!

Plan, share, and collaborate on trips: that’s our motto! Last time we talked about how to add a trip widget to your blog, so that’s the share but what about collaborate on trips? We’re most excited about collaboration at Travel to Live. In fact, you might even say this feature is our raison d’être. Planning a trip with friends can be a frustrating experience. Where do you write it all down? How do you keep track of everything? It was that struggle that gave us the idea for the site in the first place. Collaboration let’s you plan and dream together.

How to collaborate on trips

You can collaborate on any existing or new trip. If you don’t have any, you’ll need to create a trip first. Once your trip is created, look in the itinerary (on the left-hand side of the screen) for the “invite collaborators” text.

Click to invite collaborators

Click it and get the one-time use code from the following popup.

It's easy to collaborate on trips - just share the URL!

Give the URL to the friend you want to collaborate with. Once they are signed into Travel to Live, they will be added as a collaborator. You need to generate a link for each friend you want to add. Just push the reload button or open the popup again to get a new code.

That’s it! You’re now collaborating. There’s just one last detail: you can always see who you’re collaborating with on the left-hand side of the itinerary.

See your fellow collaborators in the itinerary

You can also click on their pictures to bring up a link to their profile. Give it a try.

Start collaborating!

Now that you know how to collaborate on trips, get planning your next group travel adventure. And if you want to share your experiences on your blog, don’t forget to check out how you can promote your travel blog with Travel to Live!

Add a trip widget to your travel blog

Writing about your travels is a lot of fun but many of us are visual consumers of information. Who doesn’t like pulling out the map or spinning the globe, to see where that place is in the world? I know when I’m travelling, my parents are always at home with an atlas, trying to get a picture of where I’ve been or where I’m going. Our trip widget helps you do just that on your travel blog!

Our trip to Travel Tech Europe in London.

Adding Your Trip Widget is Easy

You don’t need to be an HTML wiz to use our trip widget. All you need is one little line of HTML – that’s it!

 <iframe src=””></iframe>

There’s nothing to it. Just replace the trip id above with your own and plug the code into your blog. It’s that simple. Here are some easy steps to follow to get a trip into your blog.

  1. Create a trip on Travel to Live.
  2. Once created, you’ll see your browser’s URL has changed to If you don’t know how to find the URL in your browser, look for the share button in the top right of the page. Click it and you’ll see the current link. Copy that xxx!
  3. Replace AX6pz in the above code with what you copied.
  4. In your blog editor, switch to HTML and paste in the code. Done!

Now you have your very own trip widget embedded in your blog. This trip widget will update as you update the trip on our site. You don’t need to do any more work or ever touch the code again. Easy right?

Advanced Users

There are a couple things you can do to customize the trip widget. Depending on your blog editor, you might be able to change the width and height. Our version of WordPress always sets the width and height of an iframe automatically but if you’ve got more control, you can change the appearance very easily. Just add width=”xxx” or height=”xxx” to the above code, as seen below.

<iframe src=”” width=”300″ height=”300″></iframe>

Go ahead and set it to whatever you want. Switch back to Visual mode or look at a preview to see how it looks.

Another thing you can do is limit your trip to a certain day. Travel to Live allows you to add any number of days to your trip. To show only one of them, add ?day=xxx to the end of the URL in the code.

 <iframe src=”“></iframe>

The above example would show only events on the first day of your trip. This way, you can show your readers only the stuff related to your latest blog post.

WordPress Plugin

We realize some of you don’t want to muck around with HTML. Although our trip widget is very easy to add to any blog that supports HTML, we also plan to make it even easier. In the future, you’ll be able to add the widget with a WordPress plugin, so stay tuned to this blog for future updates.

Get Started Now

What are you waiting for? Create a trip now or read more about how to promote your travel blog with Travel to Live. Then add a trip widget or two to your blog!

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